Leon Emanuel Blanck
Polygon Sunglasses

Polygon Sunglasses
Fabric: PA12 Nylon

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About Leon Emanuel Blanck
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German designer Leon Emanuel Blanck’s clothes can be recognized from their multiple unusual, asymmetric seams – a result of Blanck’s unique design approach he calls Anfractuous Distortion, based on modelling from a piece of fabric wrapped around a moving body. As the body bends, twists and turns, the fabric creases; seam lines are inserted wherever these creases occur, creating highly dynamic structures with a strong character.

Blanck is best known for his extremely fitted, unlined leather jackets that fit like a second skin. However, he is no stranger to other materials, from thin and soft cottons to cashmere blends, alpaca wool and resin-treated corduroys. Blanck’s clothes are made exclusively in his atelier, with over 50% of the handwork done by the designer himself. Produced in limited amounts, these garments are only available through a few select retailers around the world. 


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