Boris Bidjan Saberi

Half German, half Persian, Boris Bidjan Saberi draws on this eclectic heritage in his line, BBS, mixing precision and austerity of cut with rich textures, daring volumes and layered silhouettes featuring extra-long tops and cardigans. Saberi’s first atelier was located in the ancient mountain monastery town, Montserrat, in Catalonia. Although he has since moved it to Barcelona, the principle of “secular spirituality” is still essential to his design approach: his work is as much of a spiritual as a creative practice, with its methodical diligence, introspection and obsession with craft. Since 2014, Boris Bidjan Saberi is an official member of the Chambre masculine of the Federation Française de la Couture: the highest recognition of cut and craftsmanship a designer can get.

In BBS collections, sharp tailoring meets flowing textures, finished with hints of activewear, such as his recognisable double zips or the brand’s signature back detail resembling a sneaker lace. Saberi’s austere black and grey colour palette is enriched by meticulously researched, unique dyes that go particularly well with an all-black wardrobe: deep purples, burnt ochre, khaki green and bursts of blood orange are likely to convince even the most die-hard fans of monochrome to give colour a try. Members of the BBS “tribe” around the world recognise each other through the aforementioned string feature on the back and the mix of the raw industrial vibe and the contemplative, purist air his clothes radiate.

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