Red Detail Apron Dress

Red Detail Apron Dress
Fabric: Group 5, Cotton, specially made for Aleksandr Manamis (100% CO)
Code: ALEKSAND-2230568_Burgundy

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€  798
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Aleksandr Manamis line is a mystery (creators are not known with certainty) thus makes its advocates mysteries themselves, unattainable puzzles to be solved by others. Claiming Percy Shelley as a main reference, it's modest and dramatic appearance conveys the duality of rebel romanticism in a more contemporary light. The brand hero sees the world as an artist and a thinker, rationalist and romantic, - mainstream exile, seeking for the importance of what is inside.

Aleksandr Manamis focal point is a Person, reshaping the reality around and radiating confidence to do it. Along with the craftsmanship quality and eye-catching silhouette, the brand signature feature is letting the wearer make final decision on how the garment will look like - ribbon-ties, buttons tabs for very personal draping and folding and even, as a quint-essence, iconic Siamese shirt with both sleeves cut as one-piece, so you have to finish the design the way you like, eventually making it very personal, very core of yourself.

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