Buoyantly Transformer Sew

True Charcoal
High Top Sneakers
Fabric: Horse + Charcoal Powder (100% HORSE LEATHER)
Code: NIHOMANO-Buoyantly Transformer Sew-True Charcoal_True Charcoal

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€  1484
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About Nihomano
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Nihomano is something you notice the first time you see and remember forever as you try it on. Eye-catching colours, exquisite style and unique detail results the true bad-ass look and feel, still being surprisingly soft due to the use of ancient Opanca technique.

Nihomano sneakers are animalistic and alive. They look a little bit aged even when they are brand new (with artisanal handwork scratches, abrasions and hammer strokes) and as you wear it they capture your story, getting new scars and other perfect imperfections. Your own Nihomano turns back time, becoming younger and wilder - as they're born to be worn heavily, living your life the way you like it.

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