19 Hiking Boots

Pale Green (CO88T)
19 Hiking Boots
Fabric: Cordovan Cont Leather (100% HORSE LEATHER)
Code: GUIDI-19_CO88T

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Guidi is the oldest of contemporary avant-garde fashion labels: luxury leather goods firm La Conceria Guidi e Rossellini was established in 1896 in a Tuscan village, that has been home to tanners and shoemakers since the 14th century. The company’s tanning methods have not changed much in the last 100 years. 

Guidi is known for its distressed workwear-inspired boots, minimalist shoes with elegant, yet solid heels, and old-school bags. Using exquisite, totally hand-crafted processing and tanning methods, Guidi footwear fits like socks when just purchased and becomes even more comfortable as time goes by. Guidi leathers are known to last for decades, surviving heavy wear and ageing gracefully.

That's why Guidi leather is often sourced by world-known contemporary luxury designers for their product lines; and they always announce it proudly, as a synonym to exceptional quality.

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