Individual Sentiments
Denim Pants

Denim Pants
Fabric: DE1 Denim Bleached (100% CO)
Code: INDIVID-PA63-DE1_Gray

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€  720
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About Individual Sentiments
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Individual Sentiments is a fashion brand founded in 2009 by designer Yoko Ito that blends Japanese conceptualism with precise Italian tailoring. The brand's work is characterized by a rigorous fulfillment of a minimal precept that emphasizes the materiality of their garments. Rather than creating a symbolic language, Individual Sentiments aims to showcase the singularity of our world here and now. This is achieved through a meticulous selection of fabric quality and high technical precision cuts, resulting in silhouettes that are timeless and modern in attitude.

Their approach to fashion is an organic relationship to the world surrounding them, as their clothes are designed and crafted with an emphasis on technical mastery seeking to remain discreet. Their individuality does not stem from the cyclical temporality of fashion, nor from the calculated planning of the market. Rather, their clothes are urban and materialist epiphanies that cover bodies with a form of freedom, making artifice a second nature and transforming necessity into style.

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