Andreas wears size 3

The model on photo, Andreas, is 183cm tall and is normally size M-L in Tops

Shredded Ribbed T-shirt

Distressed T-shirt
Fabric: Cotton Rib

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€  333
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Andreas wears size 3

The model on photo, Andreas, is 183cm tall and is normally size M-L in Tops

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About JULIUS_7
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Julius_7, a fashion label founded by Tatsuro Horikawa, is a brand that eschews the conventional. Established in 2001, it initially served as a platform for Horikawa's film projects and evolved into a fashion line in 2004. The label's aesthetic is deeply rooted in the underground scene of Tokyo, where Horikawa initially engaged in the creative process through video projections for DJ sets in nightclubs. This background in the audio-visual arts significantly influenced his approach to fashion, infusing his designs with a unique synergy of sound and vision. His first clothing label, NUKE, laid the groundwork for what would become Julius_7, introducing key elements like drop-crotch trousers and long slim blazers. The transition from NUKE to Julius_7 marked a refinement of this style, maintaining its avant-garde essence while evolving into something more polished and fashion-forward.

The essence of Julius_7's appeal lies in the meticulous attention to detail and the high level of craftsmanship in each piece. Horikawa's designs often feature elaborate treatments, with distressed and deconstructed elements merging seamlessly with precise tailoring. Within the universe that Tatsuro created, the garments, often characterized by their military and rugged, geometric designs, imbue the wearer with a sense of being a warrior in an urban dystopia. The characters that live inside his world can hardly be pinpointed to a particular time as the juxtaposition of the raw and the refined gives rise to clothing that feels both ancient and futuristic. Over the years the brand has managed to create a variety of very sought after garments such as the hoodies, cargo trousers and combat boots, as well as a plethora of leather jackets.

For the last few years, Tatsuro explored a different part of his universe, more inspired by nomadic and streetwear elements before, now, returning to its roots of postapocalyptic aesthetics. He also launched his Permanent Line, which features his celebrated iconic designs from past collections, re-imagined with his current vision.

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