Atelier Septem
The Grey Shadow Dress

The Grey Shadow
Fabric: Cashmere Silk Blend (80% WS, 20% SE)

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€  1250
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About Atelier Septem
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Kristina Nikolova and her brand AtelierSeptem is not a fashion designer and a fashion brand in a traditional way: she does not create seasonal collections, nor presents them during fashion weeks; she does not take orders and produce the clothes. 
She is an Artist acting on the intersection of Visual Art and Architecture,  and her garments are just a part of her creations, representing Wearable Art. The same with Art objects, each piece is created in a single quantity (and, thence, is absolutely unique) and has a name and a story.
Unlike other Art objects, these have some practicality - as you can actually wear them, like other clothes.

We love AtelierSeptem not only due to its extreme level of exclusivity or highest level of craftmanship but just because, in our humble opinion, she is blessed to create the most beautiful women dresses. It’s a hymn to feminine beauty, fragile and strong at the same time, making each piece a perfect shell to reveal any woman wearing it as a highest-level divine creature.
Remarkably, each dress fits women of different sizes and shapes – and this is a true Art.

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