Culture of Brave
Melt Jumper High-top Sneakers

Dark Charcoal
Melt Jumper High-top Sneakers
Fabric: Kangaroo Skin (100% KANGAROO LEATHER)

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€  1050
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About Culture of Brave
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From a South African designer, the brand produces its sneakers in Italy's Marche region, known for its rich history in shoemaking. The sneakers are a blend of the old and new, using traditional and artisanal techniques to craft the shoe. However, in order to mold more easily to your foot and to minimize the break-in period, they feature a gum outsole. The upper is crafted out of kangaroo leather, known for its sturdiness despite the relative thinness of the leather, and is sometimes lined with sheepskin, which is incredibly soft to the touch. Each pair of shoes is object dyed to become rich in colour with various hues throughout, with the hardware also bleeding color onto the leather in this process, resulting in a beautifully aged appearance.

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