Work Jacket

Work Jacket
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Maurizio Amadei's journey in the fashion industry is deeply intertwined with his experiences at Carpe Diem, an influential Italian label. At Carpe Diem, working alongside the likes of Luca Laurini of Label Under Construction and Simone Cechetto of A1923, Amadei honed his skills in designing unique and innovative leather accessories, particularly bags and belts. This period was crucial in developing his distinctive approach to leather-working and design aesthetics.

After the closure of Carpe Diem, where he had become a notable figure, Amadei embarked on his own project, leading to the creation of his brand, M.A+. Launched in 2006, the brand initially focused on bags and gradually expanded to include clothing, shoes, and accessories for both men and women. Amadei's design philosophy at M.A+ builds on his experiences at Carpe Diem, evident in his use of innovative folding techniques, original cuts, and the selection of exclusive fabrics sourced from around the world. His designs often feature garments and leather bags constructed from a single piece of material, resulting in innovative cuts. M.A+'s designs often feature a signature "+" cross stitch or sterling silver staple, acting as an insignia on all items handcrafted in the atelier near Rome.

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